Kitchen Hood Cleaning

Our comprehensive cleaning service includes the hood, filter, duct, and exhaust fan inside and out.

Kitchen Hood Cleaning

Kitchen hood are usually placed up high, and above cook-tops and fryers.  Having your staff clean you hood isn’t just unadvised, it can also be very dangerous.

Exhaust Duct Cleaning

Unmaintained ducts are a major fire risk.  We clean inside and out, ensuring we remove both the grease that you can see and the dangerous build-ups that you can’t see.

Exhaust Fan Cleaning

If left for long enough, grease build-ups can cause fans to overheat.  Should fans become damaged, expensive repairs, or even a complete replacement may be required.

Hood Filter Cleaning

With regular filter maintenance and cleaning from HoodPro, your system will perform at its best, delivering clean, fresh air to your staff and customers.required.

Kitchen Equipment Cleaning

Our professional cleaning team can will carry out all work properly and promptly and will remove all waste and cleaning equipment upon completion of the job.

Kitchen Floor & Wall Cleaning

It is important to choose a professional cleaning company pays particular attention to keeping your kitchen equipment exceptionally clean.