Exhaust System Maintenance

Our cost-effective customizable exhaust system maintenance programs are a perfect fit if you have multiple locations.

Hood Filter Replacement

We can replace your dirty filters after every hood cleaning.  Now you don’t have to mess with it because we will automatically do it for you.

Fan Belt Replacement

The exhaust hood fan belts should replaced at least once a year.  Don’t wait for your fan belt to break.  By that time it will be too late.

Rooftop Grease Containment System

Stop hood fan grease discharge and protect your rooftop from damage, fire hazards, environmental hazards, code violations and fines.

Grease Pillow Replacement

All grease containment systems require a “pillow” or “diaper” to soak up the grease which should be changed out on a regular basis.

Exhaust Fan Hinge Kit Installation

The exhaust fan hinge kit is guaranteed to support the weight of nearly any exhaust fan for your hood system for many years to come.

Fan Access Panel Installation

NFPA Standard-96 requires fan access panels on the exhaust fans, allowing all areas of the fan to be inspected and cleaned.